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2 day Intro Course (presented in French) – L’Épiphanie QC, November 26-27, 2022

The objective of this course is to teach you to recognize the elements that form the basis of a sound, healthy and well balanced hoof. You will learn strategies to encourage the development of a strong hoof thus reducing the risk of lameness and improving existing chronic conditions.


Day 1 (theory):

  • Anatomy and physiology of the hoof
  • Recognizing proper biomechanics
  • Navicular and caudal pain issues
  • Digestive system, nutrition and its effect on hooves
  • Laminitis and founder
  • Techniques for assessing hoof health and balance
  • Strategies for hoof protection and development of internal structures
  • Thrush and white line disease


Day 2 (Practical):

This clinic is both a theoretical and hands on introduction to the steps required to assess and trim a hoof. Each participant will complete the trimming of one hoof.

Day 1 is a pre-requisite to attending day 2

Course outline:

  • Review of hoof health assessment techniques
  • Tool handling
  • Specific trimming techniques
  • Trimming demo by instructor
  • Assessment and comparison of hooves to trim
  • Security and positioning during trimming (video presentation)
  • Evaluation and trimming of one hoof per student

The practical part is completed using a cadaver hoof. They are excellent teaching models as they are a safe way to learn tool handling without the dangers of being under a live horse. Students are also less nervous about making mistakes.

Please note that you will not have developed all the competencies to complete the trimming of your horse’s hooves. Until you acquire all the necessary skills, it is crucial to be closely monitored by a hoof care professional.




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