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Who we are

Maia Chaput

Maia is a PHCP-certified hoof care practitioner, mentor and clinician.

Her specialties include:

  • Helping horses grow healthy, strong, bare feet
  • Using hoof boots and composite shoeing as alternatives to traditional metal shoeing when horse’s feet are in of need support
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of common hoof related lameness issues including laminitis and navicular
  • Educating and empowering horse owners to play an active role in all of the above
  • Mentoring the next generation of hoof care practitioners through their certification process

Catherine Larose

Catherine is based in the Rigaud region of Québec. She completed most of her training in the US and has been professionally trimming since 2006. Over the years, she has developed a special interest in laminitis issues. She has successfully rehabilitated many horses practicing a scientifically recognized treatment protocol. Catherine’s approach combines a revised nutrition plan, a short trimming cycle and the use of flexible support when needed. She encourages a team-based approach, involving massage, acupuncture, laser, nutrition and veterinary care. Herself a lifelong learner, her second passion is teaching, and she encourages clients to become more involved in providing some of the trimming care for their horses.